What to look for in a weight loss program

great figure with fat loss factorThere is yet another new program regarding weight loss or fat loss, doing the rounds on the market. This one is a little bit more on the difficult side, as does require a detox or cleansing phase which last about 12 days. For a more in-depth look into this program, check out the fat loss factor review to determine for yourself whether or not this program is a good fit for you.

While this program might seem a little extreme to some, others might find it quite beneficial. People who are extremely motivated and thrive on strict or disciplined programs, will find this weight loss program beneficial for them. If you tend to flounder when it comes to toeing the line with strict diet protocol that require you to buy, prepare and consume certain or specific food types, then this is not for you.

That being said, there are a lot of other programs available on the market that is not nearly as strict as the fat loss factor diet. There are plenty of other programs that offer a far more lenient eating program while still offering a good workout program at the same time. A few examples would be Eat Stop Eat, Fasting for Muscle, and possibly even the Alkaline Diet and too an extent, the Venus Factor Diet. Well not all of the above mentioned programs are the same, or even offer the same level of leniency, they might be a little less daunting to take on than the fat loss factor program. Continue reading

What to look for to separate diet scams from great diets

diets that work

Wading into the shark infested waters of weight loss diets can be extremely intimidating because sometimes, it is really difficult to tell the difference between diet scams and programs that actually work. In this piece we are going to not only show you how to separate the good from the bad, but also give you a few suggestions on really good diet programs that actually work.

Some of the really good programs include the Venus program, the Adonis program the Eat Stop Eat program and the Cruise Control diet. Obviously there are many more, but these four bring the top 10 most effective weight loss programs that actually deliver on their promises.

Each of these four programs have something that make them unique and special in their own way. For instance, the Venus program is designed for women only and the Adonis program designed for only men. The Eat Stop Eat diet is not just a great weight loss program, but it is easily adaptable to make it a lifelong sustainable program. And the Cruise Control diet, takes a unique approach to weight loss by using whole foods as an approach to weight loss and have for basic “rules” which make this program unique and extremely effective. These four rules are:
1.    To consume natural foods which help your body burn fat.
2.    Avoid processed or packaged foods.
3.    Don’t try to avoid “naughty” foods, instead indulging them from time to time so as not to deprive yourself.
4.    The most important rule of all, is to avoid counting calories, weighing your food or keeping point of any kind. Continue reading